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A Tostada, Toas-Tite sandwich

What a fantastic way to kick off the new blog.   

My hope is to bring you new and exciting grilled Toas-Tite  recipes.   And I have a great one!

When the summer temperature gets so hot, who wants to turn on the oven?  Not me!

Here is a creative recipe for a Mexican tostada.

“Toas-Tite-da” Ingredients

Chicken Strips

Chopped Red Pepper


Remember to spray the insides of your Toas-Tite grill with cooking spray before cooking.      (See Toas-Tite 101 for more information.)

I like to use Tyson’s Southwest chicken strips.  They are cut, spiced and ready to go.  You can also use last night’s leftovers.  A few pieces of chopped chicken will do the trick.  Remember, this is just an idea for a mexican tostada.  You can create your own “Toas-Tite-da”.  There are so many more options you can include: onions, jalepeños, chicken, beef, beans, different cheeses, vegetables….. you get the idea.

One of the twists in this recipes, compared to the original 1940’s Toas-Tite sandwiches, is the choice of bread.  Today there are some many varieties of  bread types and sizes!  Check out your bread and dairy sections in your grocery store for great ideas.

For my “Toas-Tite-da” I didn’t even use bread.  I chose the traditional soft, corn tortilla shell.

I sprayed the inside of the sandwich maker shells with oil.  After 2 to 2 1/2 minutes of grilling on each side at med-low heat, I enjoyed an incredibly delicious Toas-Tite sandwich.

Adding any liquids and/or sauces to the sandwich before grilling can change the cooking results. I included salsa and sour cream for dipping sauces. This is also a great way to keep your sauces cool and your “Toas-Tite-da” hot!

That’s it. Can it get easier than that?                                     Yummy!



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