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It’s summertime!  Everything is in bloom.  That includes a large variety of fruit trees.  So many beautiful, juicy fruits.  Apples, peaches, strawberries and blueberries.

One of my favorites is blueberryI love blueberry pie.

Are you ever in the mood for a slice of blueberry pie but didn’t want to bake a whole pie?  Baking a pie not only heats up the kitchen when it’s already 80 degrees..inside!!   Baking a pie will destroy any will power I may have.  I can’t let a pie go to waste!  And for me, it takes an hour to bake and by then I have already found something else and settled for second best.

Blueberry Toas-Tite to the rescue!

The original 1940’s recipe was made with white bread and blueberry pie filling.  Today there are so many options available.   Even a healthier pie is possible.   By choosing fresh fruits instead of canned pie filling, a lot of excess sugar is left out of the pie.  Another recommendation is to eliminate half, to all, of the syrup in the canned fruit pie filling before adding to the pie. 

Lastly, choose bread that is low in sugar or high in fiber.  Breads have changed a lot.  You can choose from healthier whole grain, or sandwich “Thins” for something completely different.

I chose an uncooked pie crust for my bread.  The pie crust gives me a different taste and texture.

Blueberry Pie

Remember to spray the insides of your Toas-Tite grill with cooking spray before cooking.      (See Toas-Tite 101 for more information.)


Blueberry Pie filling*

Pie crust**

*Don’t hesitate to try so many other fillings.  Apple, cherry, peach are some of my favorites.  REALLY DON’T FORGET ABOUT adding fresh fruit.  Peaches, strawberries, raspberries would be awesome.

**Pie crusts are found in the dairy case.  Each pie shell will make 2 grilled Toas-Tite  sandwiches.  There are 2 pie shells in a box.

Set the range temperature to med-low.  Cook each side for 3 mins.  Make sure the dough is fully cooked.  The crust color should be a golden brown.

Once done pop the pie on a plate to cool.

Voila!  I love blueberry pie!                                                                           And I love whipped cream too!


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