The Turkey Blues Toas-Tite Sandwich   1 comment

Are you a blue cheese lover?  Are you looking for a grilled sandwich filled with some zing and calmed with a little blue cheese?

As I was  preparing this sandwich the blue cheese flavor gave me a moment to pause and wondered if this was such a good idea.  I wasn’t sure if I would love this grilled, “Turkey Blues”  Toas-Tite sandwich.  It only took a few minutes to find out the answer.

I started with Italian bread .  You can choose any bread you want.  Check out the variety of breads, and rolls in your local grocery store.

I like a little spice in my Toas-Tite sandwich so I decided on a slice of Pepper Jack cheese instead of swiss cheese.   Choose a different cheese if you like.

Remember to spray the insides of your Toas-Tite grill with cooking spray before cooking.      (See Toas-Tite 101 for more information.)


2 slices of turkey

2 slices of swiss cheese

2 Tbs. blue cheese

2 slices of bread

Wow!!  I was very, very pleasantly surprised by the fantastic combination of tastes.

You can always add condiments once your grilled Toas-Tite is cooked.

I added tomatoes.

And then some avocado.

Voila!  Enjoy!


One response to “The Turkey Blues Toas-Tite Sandwich

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  1. These sandwiches all look delicious. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward for more recipes!

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