The Italian Toas-Tite Sandwich   Leave a comment

Do you know why I like an Italian Toas-Tite sandwich so much?  Because every time I make an Italian Toas-Tite it’s always different.  And, more important, the next Italian Toas-Tite is always better than the last.






And anything else you want

Remember to spray the insides of your Toas-Tite grill with cooking spray before cooking.      (See How to…101 for more information.)

I chose some spicy sausage stuffed with tomato and basil.  Any Italian sausage would be wonderful.  Or how about chicken?  Just remember the meat has to be cooked before adding it to the Toas-Tite sandwich.

The sauce I chose was a spaghetti Sauce.  I always have a jar or two in my cabinet.   When you choose a sauce you might what to try a sauce that isn’t tomato based.  Maybe an alfredo sauce?  Or a pesto?

Is there a cheese that wouldn’t be great in the Toas-Tite sandwich?  (Okay, maybe a few.)  Asiago, mozzarella, provolone, parmesan and romano would each give different flavors, but all will be very tasty!

I chose a Parmesan Focaccia bread for something completely different.  Italian bread is also excellent.  In the future I will be experimenting with pizza dough.  Stay tuned.

Here’s something very helpful.  I bought a 4.5″ biscuit cutter.  It makes the perfect size bread for a Toas-Tite sandwich.  So if you choose bread that requires some serious cutting, problem solved.

Is there anything else that would make this a better Toas-Tite sandwich?  Maybe add a little pepperoni?

After the Italian Toas-Tite cools why not add some veggies like tomato and green pepper?


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