Doggie Bag Toas-Tites   1 comment

What is a Doggie Bag Toas-Tite you ask?  Well, it’s your leftover meal from a great dinner you had out last night.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend we went out for a fabulous dinner.  I couldn’t finish the full slab of some meaty ribs so asked for a take home container for my leftovers.  The next day I sliced the ribs from the bones and added the asparagus to my Toas-Tite sandwich.  I used white bread, but many other kinds of bread would be delicious.


Last night’s spectacular dinner

Let’s start with something good and make it better.

This is the easiest Toas-Tite yet!  Place your leftovers between slices of bread.  Cook 2 minutes each side on medium to low heat.

Absolutely wonderful.  Add a little BBQ sauce for dipping.

Another winner.


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  1. Leftovers anytime are what the Toas-Tite is all about!

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