Egg Rolls in a New Year   Leave a comment

Chinese New Year: 2012, The Year of the Dragon,

is the longest and most important celebration in the Chinese calendar.

The Chinese year begins on Jan.  23rd.  The year is 4710 .


In honor of the New Year’s Parties (and I LOVE parties!) all over China, let’s make a Toas-Tite on their behalf.

How about an egg roll?  Even better, how a about a healthier, Toas-Tite egg roll?

It is not deep-fried in grease like traditional egg rolls.

It’s a delicious, lower carb, crunchy coated egg roll.  The Toas-Tite egg roll comes out golden brown and ready to eat in minutes.

This is so easy…


Mandarin pancakes,  doilies, aka Peking doilies, aka mu shu shells aka moo shu shells.  

  • These very thin crèpes are used to make mu shu dishes.  You can buy them in the frozen foods sections of Asian markets, but they’re easy to make at home. Substitute: flour tortilla
  • Or check out your favorite recipe website.  There are literally thousands of recipes to make these little “Lotus Pads”.

Vegetable/Fish/Beef and/or Poultry

Any take-out leftovers?

Canola Oil (optional)

My egg roll is filled with last night’s Chinese takeout feast.  Specifically, Mu Shu Pork in a Mandarin Pancake.

If you want to make the egg roll a little crisper, simple brush the outside of the Toas-Tite (the side touching the clamshell) with [very] little canola oil.

Whenever you are using food out of the refrigerator please remember to grill the Toas-Tite a little lower and a little slower.   This will make sure your Toas-Tite is heated thoroughly.

The grilled Mandarin Pancake became a nice crusty shell.  It held all the juices and sliced Mu Shu veggies with ease.

A drizzle of plum sauce gave this Toas-Tite egg roll another fabulous flavor.

I still had one more fortune cookie left from last night.  You know what it said?

“Have a Toas-Tite great day!” (just kidding…)


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