Grilled Cheese Month??? Make it the Cheesiest!   Leave a comment

Did you know April is Grilled Cheese month?  I didn’t.  Just found out.

What better way to celebrate grilled cheese month than to make grilled cheese Toas-Tites.

The New York Times recently had a column on ‘The Return of the Toas-Tite’.  The best quote about the Toas-Tite sandwich maker was

 “It demands cheese”. 

That is so right.

The dilemma  about cheese is  a bazillion flavors and varieties exist.  So why stop at one type of cheese when we can blend so many of them together?  You can make your own signature Toas-Tite grilled cheese sandwich.

I really didn’t know what three cheeses to use.  Since they all taste so good in their individual ways I thought it best to explore the refrigerator and see what kinds of cheese I had available.  It turns out I have a lot of cheese.  This made my first 3-cheese a difficult choice.  I felt like I needed some help to decide.  I needed a “wheel of cheese” to choose three random cheeses  to create a new recipe.

(This really is the cheesyest wheel!)

 And the winners are . . . .  Pepper Jack, Colby/Cheddar Shreds and Laughing Cow’s Tomato and Basil.  Wow, I never would have thought of this combo.

Because the Pepper Jack is spicy I decided to try a strong flavored bread like Bavarian Rye.

It’s difficult to see the Laughing Cow, but it’s under the pepper jack.  It a good idea to spread the cheese on the bread.

Laughing Cow cheese is very soft.  Keep the flame on your range low to adequately melt the cheeses together.

Grill one and a half to two minutes on each side.

Remember you can open your Toas-Tite at any time during the cooking process because all your cheesy goodness is sealed in.  No drips, no muss, no fuss.

This “little experiment” is a success.  Major yummy.  I really like the blend of hot and cool cheeses and definitely try the rye bread.

Here’s a cheese combo of cream cheese, cheddar and Laughing Cow Tomato and Basil with a strip of bacon.  Everything is better with bacon!


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