It’s That Time For A “Toas-Tite” Backyard Party   Leave a comment

It’s like it’s summer outside.  In fact, we’ve had balmy weather since March.  Yes, I am concerned about the extreme climate changes, but this year….after TWO horrendous winters…. this is fantastic!So we have already kicked off the party season hosting friends for a nice evening outside.  The weather was perfect.  The guests were friends who are always willing participants for games and promote good times and lots of laughter.

Giant Jenga can be a real ice breaker

         Homemade Sangria can be refreshing in warm weather. Our secret …let the fruit soak in brandy overnight.      If you soaked some cherries use them in your Black Forest cake.

After a tasty dinner of summer foods I brought out the Toas-Tite sandwich makers.  Some of the guests weren’t quite sure about this.  They knew I used them a lot, but they never had the opportunity to try one.  Well, this was their lucky day!  My friend, Tina has a  ‘partner in crime’.  His name is Bob.  Bob is a pro with Toas-Tites.  He grew up in Mt. Prospect, IL.  Bob had his first Toas-Tite in the ’60’s.  The first time I brought out a Toas-Tite in front of Bob, he immediately got that smile all do when they see a Toas-Tite after so many years.

The guests circled around the kitchen table.  Bob coated the inside of each Toas-Tite with cooking spray and passed it on to a willing pie creator.  I presented a variety of ingredients to make sumptuous Toas-Tite dessert pies.  I also had white and cinnamon bread.

The mix of sweet stuffings for the Toas-Tite is unlimited.  I tried to present a sample of the many options.

Hershey’s chocolate bars are practically legendary in Toas-Tite origins.  They can be used with almost anything.  It is chocolate.

I also like Entenmann’s Brownie Bits.  They are fantastic for Black Forest cake.  (A shout out to Joules, from Seattle, for the Black Forest pie recipe.)

(I have another great recipe for Entenmann’s Brownie Bits.   IT IS  the very, very most decadent  Toas-Tite chocolate pie ever.  Unbelievable!!!  You’ll see that recipe soon.)

Besides chocolate, fresh fruit is in season now and that opens up so many new ideas.  I sprinkled a little brown sugar on the bananas… just because.  Nuts, marshmallow, Fluff, peanut butter, no/low sugar jams can round out the choices.

We all cooked our Toas-Tites in the BBQ.  Just stick the Toas-Tite in there for a minute or so.  Let it cool a few moments, open it up, pop it out and enjoy.

Don’t forget the ice cream or whipped cream topping.

Black Forest Cake


Entenmann’s Brownie Bits

Hershey’s chocolate  bar

Cherry pie filling

Cream cheese

Place 1/2 Hershey’s bar on bread.  Add 2 tsp. cherries, 1-2 broken brownie bits and cream cheese.  If you collected some of those Sangria cherries now is the time to use them.
Black Forest Cake — Toas-Tite Style

What a way to start the summer!


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