The Day After Turkey Toas-Tite   1 comment

Wow!  What a Thanksgiving!  It actually was wonderful.  Do I sound surprised?  Well…..let’s just say we are just your typical, big family with many points of views.

I was able to gather a few pieces of turkey, some stuffing and a delicious homemade cranberry sauce.

Put that all together on slices of white bread and it’s Thanksgiving all over again.





cranberry sauce

2 slices of white bread

We started with these ingredients

Our Toas-Tite is put together.  Close the Toas-Tite grill and heat 2 minutes each side on a medium to low flame.

Presto!  A hot turkey Toas-Tite sandwich.  Add a little hot turkey gravy for a dipping sauce.

So yummy.


One response to “The Day After Turkey Toas-Tite

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  1. Toas-Tite Turkey, everyones favorite and yours looks wonderful.
    I make mine on Rye bread, give it a try.

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